Janine Denby trained in Graphic Arts at Leeds Metropolitan University then went on to specialise in printmaking and in 2003 obtained a Masters Degree from Bradford University. Since graduating she has developed her own unique style of collography printing, often overlaying numerous print blocks to produce highly textured, vividly coloured works celebrating the world around her.

Her recent work reflects her experiences in the midst of the urban night. Strong tonal contrasts, vivid colour and rich texture celebrate the fleeting interplay of light upon architectural forms and rapidly changing reflections flickering elusively on wet ground. Her recent works are inspired by city people and explore the ways in which they move through, interact with or even avoid their immediate environment.

Janine currently divides her time between teaching part-time, running print workshops and producing work in her studio in Halifax, West Yorkshire. She exhibits regularly in local and national exhibitions and is an active member of the Yorkshire print group 'Inkers' and Leeds Fine Artists.